Apply OSKARS M-800 HIGH TEMP MOULD RELEASE WAX generously with circular movements to an area of about 70x70 cm. The surface must be completely covered. The drying time is approx. 1 hour. The wax can be applied in up to 5 coats.
Remove excess wax immediately.


When a slight haze appears, polish lightly and without pressure with a clean soft dry cotton cloth to a deep brilliant shine. It is advisable to use several cloths so that fresh spots are always used.

Once the wax has dried before polishing, apply a second coat and polish immediately.

ATTENTION: OSKARS M-800 HIGH TEMP MOULD RELEASE WAX must not be polished with a machine.


Storage and safety information

Downloads technical data sheets
Instructions for using OSKAR'S polishing pastes, emulsions, car and boat polishes and accessories can be found in the technical data sheets. These are available for you to download here.

Perfection for moUlds and finished parts

OSKARS M-products stand for the highest quality for processing, preparation and
care of moulds and surfaces in the manufacture of CFRP and FRP products.

OSKARS M-products are used particularly in the construction of automobiles,
boats and wind turbines.

OSKARS M-products convince by their easy, efficient and reliable application
for outstanding results.

The use of OSKARS M-products always realises a cost-effective production.