OSKARS M-200 Grinding agent and Polishing agent – coarse

OSKARS M-200 GRINDING AGENT and POLISHING AGENT has been developed for the preparation and maintenance of polyester moulds and epoxy resin moulds and surfaces and is especially intended for CFRP preparation / CFRP maintenance and FRP preparation / FRP maintenance. It is used for the quick clean removal of sanding marks and scratches caused by dry sanding and wet sanding with sandpaper.
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OSKARS M-300 Grinding agent and Polishing agent – fine

OSKARS M-300 GRINDING AGENT and POLISHING AGENT - fine - for the treatment and care of polyester moulds and epoxy resin moulds as well as epoxy resin surfaces. It is especially designed for CFRP preparation / CFRP care and FRP preparation / FRP care. It contains fine aluminium oxide abrasive particles - specially developed for machine processing under high temperatures as well as hand processing.
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OSKARS M-400 Polishing agent – extra fine

OSKARS M-400 POLISHING AGENT - extra fine - is recommended for final mould preparation when processing CFRP composites or FRP composites to remove fine scratches as well as greasy residues. Finest polishing clay enables effective cleaning and polishing.
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Perfection for moUlds and finished parts

OSKARS M-products stand for the highest quality for processing, preparation and
care of moulds and surfaces in the manufacture of CFRP and FRP products.

OSKARS M-products are used particularly in the construction of automobiles,
boats and wind turbines.

OSKARS M-products convince by their easy, efficient and reliable application
for outstanding results.

The use of OSKARS M-products always realises a cost-effective production.