OSKARS M-600 SP Mould Cleaner

OSKARS M-600 SP MOULD CLEANER is a versatile high performance cleaner for the removal of resins, adhesives, waxes and PUR or polymer residues on polyester moulds and metal moulds. For dissolving stubborn soiling of thermal residues and thermoset residues.
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OSKARS M-610 SP Release Agent and Sealing Agent

OSKARS M-610 SP RELEASE AGENT and SEALING AGENT for model making and mould making for surface sealing of synthetic resin moulds, FRP moulds and metal moulds.
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OSKARS M-620 Release Agent

OSKARS M-620 SP SEPARATING AGENT is a semi-permanent, reactive separating agent suitable for multiple separations of used synthetic resin moulds, FRP moulds and metal moulds in model making and mould construction.
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Perfection for moUlds and finished parts

OSKARS M-products stand for the highest quality for processing, preparation and
care of moulds and surfaces in the manufacture of CFRP and FRP products.

OSKARS M-products are used particularly in the construction of automobiles,
boats and wind turbines.

OSKARS M-products convince by their easy, efficient and reliable application
for outstanding results.

The use of OSKARS M-products always realises a cost-effective production.